Hi! I'm Joshua.

Welcome to my site!

I'm a software developer with experience building a wide variety of solutions, especially in web and cloud-based applications. I've studied and worked with a wide range of technologies, from low-level circuit design and DSP, to AI and natural language processing.


Email: [email protected]

Skype: qinjoshua

WLM: [email protected]


This site is under construction

You may encounter missing or broken links, placeholder pages, and broken components. I'm working on getting everything setup as quickly as possible.

Our trees are dying. Technology can help.

Street trees need follow-up care to survive - care that they often don't receive. In some cities, annual street tree mortality rates can be as high as 30%.

STEM Network is an ongoing project to integrate IoT moisture sensors with street trees planted in cities, to ensure adequate establishment care, provide transparency and accountability, and to further our understanding in arboriculture research.


I have several years of experience in software development, from designing and building software applications from scratch to solve business needs, to working with large established teams on complex codebases.


These are the projects that I've developed over the years, individually and in collaboration with other developers, for personal projects, hackathons, school, practice, and other purposes.


Coming soon: downloads for various pieces of digital media that I've created over the years that could be useful for someone else.

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