Joshua C. Qin

Work Experience

Software Engineer Intern

Basis Technologies

July 2021 - Present

  • Worked on multilingual natural language processing software for names matching between languages and scripts.
    • Developed in Java to add functionality to the Rosette for Names product, a commercial SDK.
    • Improved name matching scores generated via Hidden Markov Models and additional layers of adjustments.
    • Built, tested, and released new versions of Basis products using Jenkins and internal build/testing tools.
    • Contributed documentation for internal onboarding, setup, release, build, and testing processes.

Full-Stack Developer

CORBAL Distribution

January 2018 - Present

  • Led a small team of three developers to create an analytics, accounting, and submissions dashboard used to manage royalty payments of 30000 USD per month and music catalogs with over 300 million cumulative streams.
    • Used C# with ASP.NET to build the backend for the dashboard, including authentication and royalty accounting.
    • Designed and implemented from scratch a SQL Server database to store user, product, and payment data.
    • Used Bootstrap to design and create the frontend UI, including charts and analytics with charts.js.
  • Created custom internal software for scraping musicians and artist data, used for partner recruitment.

Summer Intern

Office of the City Clerk, San Jose

July 2018 - June 2018

  • Wrote an HTML Application (HTA) with a VBScript backend to automate the searching and downloading of City Council meeting documents, reducing a task that took four hours every week to just twenty seconds.
  • Used VBA scripting to automate record-keeping on Excel spreadsheets pertaining to budgets and historical records.
  • Handled front-desk and phone support, managed paperwork for candidates running for local office.

Technologies & Skills

C#, Java, SQL, HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript, ASP.NET (MVC Core, Web API, Web Forms), Entity Framework, Bootstrap


  • Led a team of four to design, develop, and prototype an IoT moisture sensor and associated dashboard designed to improve urban forestry outcomes. The dashboard used Bootstrap and ASP.NET Core and provided an interface for an Azure IoT Hub backend. This project received a buy-in from the Office of the City Arborist at the City of San José and won the first-place prize at the 2021 Microsoft US Azure IoT Hack for Sustainability.
  • Created a real time web-based instant messaging client powered by SignalR Core and ASP.NET Identity Core.
  • Developed an unofficial TikTok analytics API that provided access to public-facing user data and statistics.
  • Designed and developed animation software that includes drag-and-drop resizable shapes, timelines, layers, keyframes, a built-in player, and export to SVG using Java, Swing, and MVC object-oriented development principles.
  • Recreated the classic Atari arcade game Centipede using Java and functional design principles.
  • Developed a Python data analytics program to visualize the association between COVID-19 cases/deaths and socioeconomic status, using county median income levels and NYT’s COVID-19 tracker dataset.


  • Delivered projects at Microsoft Azure IoT Hack for Sustainability, HopHacks, HackBeanpot, and Cisco StrengthHacks.
  • First place national prize-winner for Microsoft Azure IoT Hack for Sustainability
  • Top five projects and “Most Likely to Make Money” award at HackBeanpot.


Northeastern University

Boston, MA

2019 - 2023

Junior, Khoury College of Computer Sciences – 3.77/4.00 GPA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Business, Minor in Electrical Engineering

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